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  • UPC/ASIN/ISBN provided in Search Settings is not found on Amazon. Please set Description Policy to create New ASIN/ISBN.
    No matches were found for your product in the Amazon catalog based on the provided Search...

    #asin #product identifier
    SKU does not match any ASIN and the product data provided is not eligible for ASIN creation.
    The error is returned by Amazon API if your product data is not eligible for a new ASIN...

    #new asin #product identifier #amazon api
    The Product found on Amazon using UPC/EAN "__" provided in Description Policy is not a Child Product. Linking was failed because onlyChildProduct is required. Please provide the correct value and try again
    One of the product variations already exists in the Amazon catalog as an Individual...

    #product identifier
    M2E Pro did not use New ASIN/ISBN Creation feature assigned because settings for ASIN/ISBN Search were specified in Listing Search Settings and a value "__" was set in Magento Attribute for that Product.
    This warning appears to inform you that the New ASIN/ISBN creation functionality was disregarded...

    #asin #product identifier
    Product cannot be Listed because no UPC/EAN value or Register Parameter is set in the Description Policy.
    Amazon prohibits listing products without ID.   To resolve the issue, you can:   provide a...

    #product identifier