What's M2E Pro?

M2E Pro is Magento trusted extension that helps to upload your Magento inventory to multiple marketplaces. There are now three available Channels for integration — eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.  

How to use Synch and Advanced Rules

M2E Pro Listings are updated according to Synchronization Rules that you can configure in the related Policy settings. 

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Listing Magento Grouped Product as a Product Set

You can sell your Magento Grouped Product as a Product Set, whereby a customer purchases the entire set of products rather than one of its options. 

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Why Magento Order Amount differs from Channel Order Amount in M2E Pro

Total price in Magento and eBay/Amazon/Walmart Orders may differ if you set additional Magento tax settings. Look at the most common cases in the article

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I can't choose certain attribute because it is not presented in the list

Please learn how to make Magento Attributes available for the selection in M2E Pro.

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Why I can’t see Channel accounts on Clients Portal?

If you’ve just installed M2E Pro to your Magento, you need to go through the Initial Configuration to link Channel accounts

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How M2E Pro works if your Magento is multi-source

Our Development Team has provided the relevant improvements to make M2E Pro and major Magento update —  Magento Inventory (formerly known as MSI) — compatible.

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Why are my Items updated when I didn’t make the changes?

This issue is called double synchronization which often leads to the incorrect product data update on the channel.

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Is it possible to separate eBay/Amazon orders from Magento orders?

You can separate orders placed on sale channels from Magento orders using the order importing.

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I can't select certain products for adding to M2E Pro Listing

Check why a product cannot be added to an M2E Pro Listing.

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