VAT (Value Added Tax) changes on eBay UK

Starting from the 1st of January, 2021, eBay will be required to begin collecting and remitting VAT for UK imports.

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M2E Pro data migration from Magento v1.x to Magento v2.x is available

The latest M2E Pro versions fully support the data migration from Magento v1 to Magento v2.

Important: M2E Pro version 6.5.4 does not support migration from M1 to M2

New M2E Pro version 6.5.4 contains a number of significant updates and important feature implementations. Yet, it does not support migration of the data from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Support for Walmart marketplace

M2E Pro Walmart integration is available now.

M2E Pro supports using of secure content [for Magento v 1.x]

The Module introduces support of secure content in Item Custom Description starting from v6.4.11. Please read the article for more details.

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M2E Pro introduces support for Amazon Australia Marketplace

You can now transfer your inventory to Amazon Australia. More information can be found in this article.

Parts Compatibility feature has become available in M2E Pro for Magento v2.x

M2E Pro fully supports eBay Parts Compatibility feature for Magento v2.x.

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Major changes made to Amazon Repricing Service

Please read about important feature implementations for Amazon Repricing Service.

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M2E Amazon Repricing Service

M2E Pro has developed an Amazon Repricing Service. Now you can get your competitive edge using an automated repricing.

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M2E Pro release for Magento v2.x [for Magento v2.x]

M2E Pro release for Magento v2.x has become available. Please read more information in this article.

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