How to upgrade M2E Pro via Composer [for Magento v 2.x]

The steps will differ depending on the method you’ve used to install your M2E Pro. Please find your option in the article.

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Magento Connect closed

After Magento Team made the announcement about Magento Connect closure, the website was...

Connect Manager does not show upgrade available [for Magento v 1.x]

Sometimes Magento Connect Manager does not show update even if it is available.

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Cannot get into admin after installation/upgrade via Magento Connect Manager

If you were locked out of the admin panel with an error after you've installed the new version through the Magento Connect, most probably, you have a Compilation option enabled in your Magento.

How to update M2E Pro to the latest version? [for Magento v 1.x]

Check out the Module upgrade options.

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M2E Pro tabs do not appear after installation

There are several reasons why M2E Pro tabs do not appear after installation.

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No actions can be run after upgrade

Check the reasons why synchronization may not run after the Module upgrade.

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The extension disappeared after upgrade [for Magento v 1.x]

The M2E Pro menu may disappear after the upgrade because of the following reasons:

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