eBay Integration

New eBay billing cycle for fixed-price GTC listings

eBay is changing to a monthly billing cycle for fixed-price GTC listings as of the 1st of July 2019

eBay error "The duration "-1" day(s) is not available for this listing type, or invalid for category"

The error occurs for the items which were listed with another listing duration than Good Til' Canceled initially.

eBay error "You’ve exceeded the number of items and dollar amount you can list..."

Most probably, your eBay account has reached monthly selling limits.

Why I can't upload product images on eBay via M2E Pro?

The problem occurs if eBay cannot fetch the image for one of the reasons

Create multiple eBay items from the same Magento product via M2E Pro

It is possible to list the same product multiple times and the inventory will be synchronized...

eBay error "The item cannot be listed or modified. The title or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy."

This is a generic eBay error caused by either a violation of eBay policy or a restriction on your eBay account.

How to add VAT rate to Price on eBay via M2E Pro

The VAT settings can be set in Configuration -> Policies -> Price, Quantity and Format policy >...

How to list products on eBay but make it unavailable in Magento store

If you want to list a product on eBay but make it unavailable in Magento store, you need to edit Product information in Magento.

eBay Warning " Duration, Private Listing field(s) were ignored because eBay doesn't allow Revise the Item if it has sales, bids for Auction Type or less than 12 hours remain before the Item end"

You can get this warning because of eBay restrictions on revising an Item’s Duration.

eBay error “Input data for tag <value> is invalid or missing”

Most probably, you use a Custom Attribute to specify a Shipping Service Cost in your Shipping...

Error “Listing is missing required item specific(s)”

You set the Item Specific from attribute, but anyway you got error “Listing is missing required...

Can I use a different price for a product on eBay and Magento?

It is possible to have different prices using the price change or price from custom attribute or...

eBay error "There is no associated product found for configurable product"

You get this error because the eBay item is mapped to magento configurable product, but there's...

eBay returns "return policy" error even if it is set

The eBay may return errors:  "Return policy is not supported for this category." or "A return...

eBay error “Please specify your return policy details”

The eBay returns error: "Please specify your return policy details. Business sellers are obliged...

eBay error "Error Duplicate Variation Specifics trait value in the Variation Specifics Set container."

Please read the article to resolve the issue of duplicated variation options.

eBay error "Please specify the product's option(s)"

This message means, that there’s no information about options, which is required to create...

eBay error “Missing name in the variation specifics or variation specifics set”

This error appears on revise or relist when the label for variation is different from the...

eBay error: "eBay created request which cannot be read"

The error: “eBay created request which cannot be read” appears when in the description policy or...

eBay error "No rate table has been created. Please create the rate table"

Please check the Shipping Policy – most probably you have set Use eBay Shipping Rate Table to...

Revise items QTY to 0 by enabling Out Of Stock feature on eBay

eBay allows revising items QTY to 0 only if you enable Out Of Stock feature.

Magento Order Amount differs from eBay Order Amount in M2E Pro

The situation when Magento Order Amount differs from eBay Order Amount happens due to the next...

eBay error "Condition is required for this category"

Two reasons may cause this error:

1. Condition is required for this category error for eBay Item

2. Incorrect attribute value.

eBay error "Option value "{some text}" is too long. Maximum length is "50"

This error occurs due to eBay restrictions concerning multinational options. The length of...

How to set eBay categories from custom attribute

If you want to set eBay store category from custom attribute, you should perform next...

Variational product title is not updated via M2E Pro

The eBay does not allow to change eBay item title/subtitle/duration/private listing flag if the...

eBay error "Before you can list this item we need some additional information to create a seller's account"

Please contact eBay support and ask to check your account and instructions what you should...

This item can't be accessed because the listing has been deleted, or you're not the seller

This error normally appears if you try to relist/revise item which had been stopped more than 60...

eBay error “The tags [label] is/are disabled as Variant”

The eBay errors messages are very confusing. In other words, this eBay error message: "The tags...

Image is not displayed in eBay search results

Usually, Gallery image issues happen when eBay was not able to fetch the self-hosted image

Warning: The product will be listed as a simple product as it has limitation for multi-variation items

There is a limitation on eBay for multi-variation listings

Self-hosted Images updating on eBay

M2E Pro set the mode of the images uploading to the Self-Hosted by default. It is caused by the...

eBay error "The UPC field is missing. Please add UPC to the listing and try again"

This error means that the required value for UPC was not specified for Products you wanted to list/revise/relist.

eBay error "Duplicated Custom Variation Label" / "Variation cannot be deleted during restricted revise"

This error occurs in case you (or any extension) change a Label of the Variation.

Will eBay listing fees be displayed in M2E Pro grid?

M2e pro displays final fee as it is returned from eBay. There's no conversion performed.

How to change eBay Items Specifics in M2E Pro

For your existing listings, you can change Item Specifics, if needed. There are two ways to do...