eBay Integration

New eBay billing cycle for fixed-price GTC listings

eBay is changing to a monthly billing cycle for fixed-price GTC listings as of the 1st of July 2019

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Why I can't upload product images on eBay via M2E Pro?

The problem occurs if eBay cannot fetch the image for one of the reasons

Can I use a different price for a product on eBay and Magento?

It is possible to have different prices using the price change or price from custom attribute or...

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eBay returns "return policy" error even if it is set

The eBay may return errors:  "Return policy is not supported for this category." or "A return...

Revise items QTY to 0 by enabling Out Of Stock feature on eBay

eBay allows revising items QTY to 0 only if you enable Out Of Stock feature.

Magento Order Amount differs from eBay Order Amount in M2E Pro

The situation when Magento Order Amount differs from eBay Order Amount happens due to the next...

Variational product title is not updated via M2E Pro

The eBay does not allow to change eBay item title/subtitle/duration/private listing flag if the...

Image is not displayed in eBay search results

Usually, Gallery image issues happen when eBay was not able to fetch the self-hosted image

Self-hosted Images updating on eBay

M2E Pro set the mode of the images uploading to the Self-Hosted by default. It is caused by the...

Will eBay listing fees be displayed in M2E Pro grid?

M2e pro displays final fee as it is returned from eBay. There's no conversion performed.