The Latest eBay Requirements for Product Identifiers

In summer 2015, eBay announced some changes according to which sellers are required to include Product Identifiers such as Item’s Brand, Manufacturer Part Number (MPN), and Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) — Universal Product Codes (UPCs), European Article Numbers (EAN) and International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) for Simple Products in certain eBay Categories.

For more information, please, refer to eBay's 2015 SPRING SELLER UPDATE article.

Later, another announcement was made which stated that starting from the 25th of September, 2015, the Product Identifiers would become required both for Simple and Multi-Variational Products. However, the requirements deadline was extended to the 30th of January.

Now, it is officially required to provide Product Identifiers for Simple and Variational Products in certain eBay Categories.

Why does eBay require product identifiers to be included for some items?

Search engines, such as the one on eBay and other external sites like Bing and Google, use thousands of algorithms to help identify and display relevant product matches during online search sessions. Product Identifiers help those search engines capture eBay sellers' merchandise and display it in relevant searches. Product Identifiers also serve to grow the eBay catalog—which will facilitate a faster and better buyer-item matching on eBay. Over time, as the number of sellers who use product identifiers for their listings increases, the eBay catalog will grow, letting more shoppers find the appropriate offers much more easily.

What are the benefits of including product identifiers in my listings?

Product Identifiers help buyers find your item more easily, both on eBay and in search engines, even when the buyer does not specifically use them during their search. Listings that include an item’s Brand, MPN, and GTIN are given greater visibility in eBay search results and navigation, and also benefit from:

  • Priority placement in eBay deals, bargains, and other promotions.
  • More robust Listing information and Item Specifics, which are included automatically when your Item is matched to a product in the eBay catalog.
  • More accurate pricing guidance to help make your Listings more competitive

Please, consult the eBay Seller Central article to learn more about it.

M2E Pro Team always try to make improvements and develop the functionality which will comply with the recent changes made on Channels. After eBay notified the community about their plans to implement the Product Identifiers requirements, the changes were made in M2E Pro accordingly. The ability to communicate the UPC/EAN and other Identifiers to eBay through M2E Pro was introduced back in summer 2015.

Now, you can easily provide the needed identifier values for both Multi-Variational and Simple Products on eBay via M2E Pro.

Please, find the detailed information about it in our documentation.

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