M2E Pro release for Magento v2.x [for Magento v2.x]

Our congratulations! M2E Pro release for Magento v2.x has become available!

Magento version 2.x is the next generation of the world’s leading digital commerce platform with a huge number of benefits for its Sellers. The new Magento version is a completely new product from the technical, e-commerce and functional points of view.

M2E Pro Team is always in a trend and keep abreast of e-commerce market changes. Thus, we could not ignore such huge step into the future and the M2E Pro version for Magento v2.x has been created.

It is a separate independent module that should not be considered as a next step of the previously available versions. It has its own specifics such as:

  • Separate versions.
  • New functionality that is implemented exclusively in M2E Pro Magento v2.x.
  • User documentation for all supported Channel integrations. 
  • Release Notes to find more information about each release.

If you are new to M2E Pro, follow the installation guide to install the Module.

If you are currently using M2E Pro for Magento v1.x and are planning to move your store to Magento v2.x, use M2E Pro Migration Tool to safely transfer M2E Pro data and adapt it for usage in M2E Pro for Magento v2.x.

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