Unable to select certain products for adding to Listing

This problem may have two reasons:

1. Your product is already in the other listing.

There's a “Products Presented In Other Listings” functionality available in the Advanced Filter that allows you to show, or hide products presented in other M2E Listings. 

Most probably it is set to "Not Show", so products which are added to other listings are not shown in the search result.

To figure it out click on the “Show Advanced Filter” button. On the right a drop-down list will appear, select “Show” and press "Search" button. Thus, the needed product will be displayed in the product list.

For more information go to http://docs.m2epro.com/x/KocVAQ  (for Magento v1.x) or http://docs.m2epro.com/x/pAA0AQ (for Magento v2.x).

2.The product is not added to the Website which is associated with Listing Store View.

Website contains one or several Store Views.
You choose the appropriate Website when adding New Product. You have to select And the Store View creating New Listing. If the Store View is not associated with the particular Website, the product will not be displayed in the number of products available to add to the Listing. Thus, you have two ways of solution:

  • Select your Product and using Product Information choose the appropriate Website (Catalog-> Manage Products-> select product → Product Information → Website for Magento v1.x and Products > Catalog > select Product > Websites for Magento v 2.x).
  • Create New Listing and in the General Settings specify needed Magento Store View ( e.g. Sell on eBay-> Listings → Add Listing → Step 1: General Settings → Magento Settings → Magento Store View for Magento v1.x and eBay Integration > Listings > M2E Pro > Add Listing > Step 1. General Settings > Magento Store View for Magento v 2.x). For more information go to http://docs.m2epro.com/x/wocVAQ and http://docs.m2epro.com/x/6wItAQ
Please let us know if you find this information inaccurate