Scheduled actions

M2E Pro detects the changes made to your settings and Magento Products. It checks whether these modifications meet your Synchronization Rules and if so, schedules the appropriate action for the Item. This approach allows synchronizing your Magento data with the Channels.

For the most efficient processing, the scheduled Product changes are ranked based on their importance. This way, urgent actions like Stop or Revise have higher priority.

Actions with lower priority, such as List or Relist, are processed after the actions of a higher priority get completed.


By scheduling actions for the processing, M2E Pro complies with Amazon and Walmart throttling limits as well as eBay request limitations. This prevents overload on the servers and limit-exceeding API requests that lead to errors.

Once the Sync Rules are met, the Product gets marked with the Action is Scheduled label. In the Listing grid, you can view actions that are already scheduled for your Items. This will help you to be aware of any inventory updates.


The scheduled action cannot be canceled; however, it can be replaced with another action if the previous one is not relevant.

After the scheduled action is taken into processing, its label is changed to Action in Progress.


Action in progress cannot be interrupted unless it is completed; otherwise, you will encounter the ‘Another action is being processed. Try again when the Action is completed’ error.


Manual actions have higher priority than automatic ones. If both the manual and automatic updates are submitted to the single Item simultaneously, the manual request is taken into processing whereas the automatic one is skipped.