Product ID Override options

Amazon sellers are required to use Product Identifiers when adding items and making offers on listings. However, some items do not have Product Identifiers or never imply them, e.g. handmade products, mobile accessories, etc.


For listing items without UPC/EAN, you need to apply for Amazon Product ID exemption.


There is a list of brands and categories that require GTIN for listing on Amazon. Product ID exemption is not available for items of these brands and categories.

After getting the approval, you can skip indicating UPC/EAN for your products. In M2E Pro for Magento 2, this can be done under Amazon Integration > Configuration > Settings > Main by selecting one of the Product ID Override options:

  • None - all Products will be listed with the standard Product IDs.
  • All Products - Product ID exemption will be applied to all Products.
  • Specific Products - Product ID exemption will be applied to Products with ‘CUSTOM’ value in the Product ID attribute.


Depending on the applied Magento attribute value, M2E Pro sends different reasons for the Product ID exemption to the Channel.

By default, the All Products option uses the Private label reason. See examples for the Specific Products option below:

Magento attribute value Reason for the Product ID exemption
custom Private label
custom_Specialized Specialized
custom_NonConsumer Non-consumer
custom_PreConfigured Pre-configured

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