How to set Vehicle Compatibility on Amazon via M2E Pro

When offering Auto Parts on Amazon, they can be linked to the compatible vehicles. This will make listings more visible on Amazon and ensure they are displayed correctly.

To do that, you should specify certain vehicle attributes (fitment codes), for example, “Compatible with Vehicle Type”, “Vehicle Fitment Code”, “Vehicle Fitment Note”, “Vehicle Fitment Standard” etc. The attributes may vary depending on the marketplace and Product Type.


Here is more detailed information on fitment codes and how to work with them via Amazon Part Finder Tool.

In M2E Pro, you can send the fitment code data to Amazon by configuring Item Specifics in the Description Policy.

To do it, navigate to Amazon > Configuration > Policies. Then select the Description Policy with the Category you need. 

Go to the Specifics tab and click Add Specifics.

You will see a list of Item Specifics (they depend on the chosen Category). Then find the required Item Specifics. For example:

For Magento v1.x:

For Magento v2.x:

Then enter the Value of the selected Item Specifics or choose a pre-defined Custom Attribute.

For Magento v1.x:

For Magento v2.x:

Once you are done, click Save.

The selected fitment codes and their values are added to the list of Item Specifics, which will be sent to Amazon.

During the next Revise, the data related to fitment codes should become available on Amazon.

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