Why I can’t upgrade to the latest M2E Pro version from Magento Marketplace

The latest Module versions are not available on Magento Marketplace due to technical aspects. 

M2E Pro fully complies with the Magento default requirements. Yet, as we continue making M2E Pro a feature-rich solution, our extension requires much more time to be validated than the Magento default auto-validation time, so the Magento team has to provide manual validation of the extension. The process usually takes more time than the auto-validation, so the Magento team declined to meet it halfway and review our latest versions. That's why the latest M2E Pro versions are not available on Magento Marketplace. Nevertheless, the latest versions are publicly available and we check them according to the Magento technical review guide.       

Still, there is no need to worry. You can upgrade M2E Pro in one click using our M2E Pro Updater. The upgrade takes only a few minutes and keeps all your listings and settings safe. The Updater will help you stay notified about new M2E Pro version releases and schedule an upgrade. 

You can also upgrade your Module manually by downloading the M2E Pro Extension source code archive or use Composer to install the Extension from packagist.org and github.com.