Set up Magento Cron for M2E Pro

Starting from M2E Pro version 6.1.1 for Magento v 1.x and in all M2E Pro versions for Magento v 2.x, M2E Pro uses its own Cron Service specifically developed to optimize work of the whole synchronization process.


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 If you want to use Magento Cron to run M2E Pro Cron tasks, please follow the instructions below.

  • For Magento v 1.x.x you should set:

Command PHP:  php -q /%PATH_MAGENTO_ROOT_CATALOG%/cron.php -mdefault 1


Command GET:  GET http://%YOUR_DOMAIN%/cron.php

  • For Magento v 2.x.x you should set:

crontab -u -e

* * * * * /bin/magento cron:run

It is strongly recommended to set up Cron to run every 1 minute (e.g. * * * * *). Please check this post (true for all versions).


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