Why are my Items updated when I didn’t make the changes?

The problem may occur if items on the Channel are updated by more than one synchronization source. It is called double synchronization, which often leads to incorrect product data updates on the Channel.

Among the possible reasons for double synchronization are:

- You have switched to a new hosting server and the old server goes on working.

Contact your developers to find out whether the old server is still working. If it does, make sure to disable it.

Besides, you should delete any Extension Keys associated with the old server. All your Extension Keys are found on the Extensions tab in the Clients Portal.


If you have moved your Magento to a new web server and/or new host with a different IP and/or domain, you need to obtain a new Extension Key for your Module. Click here to read the detailed instructions.

- The items are updated on the channel by another Magento instance with M2E Pro installed as a developer or test environment.

Check whether your developers use Magento with M2E Pro where the same channel account is added. In this case, you need to disable all synchronization rules for a developer’s instance. Moreover, if you don’t plan to use a developer’s account, it’s better to delete it.

- You use M2E Pro and another tool for inventory management simultaneously.

To solve the problem, ensure that your inventory is not updated by any different synchronization tools running simultaneously. For eBay, navigate to My eBay > All lists > Accounts > Site Preferences > Third-party authorizations. For Amazon, go to Seller Central > Settings > User permissions > Third party developer and apps. If you find any other instance, disable the automatic synchronization there.

For more information, you are welcome to contact our Support Team at support@m2epro.com.

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