M2E Pro data migration from Magento v1.x to Magento v2.x

M2E Pro delivers a cutting-edge tool to transfer the Module data from Magento v1.x. to Magento v2.x environment. Using the M2E Pro Magento Migration tool, you can benefit from better reliability and full control over the process.

The Migration is an automated procedure, yet it requires technical skills and minimal manual actions from the performer. You will be guided by the Migration Wizard to complete the process step by step. Please follow its recommendation carefully when you are asked to make some manipulations.


Find the detailed instructions in our Migration Guide.

During the process, the Migration tool will automatically prepare the Module database on Magento v1.x. for the migration. It allows preserving M2E Pro Account, Policy, Listing, etc. configurations that you set up in your instance. The tool supports transferring of your Channel Sales and Order logs for the last 30-day period. All the dynamic data like Scheduled and In Progress actions will be skipped.

After you move the Module database dump from Magento v1.x. to Magento v2.x, M2E Pro tool will unpack and validate it automatically. The identifiers of the Products, Orders, Attributes/Attribute Sets, Website/Store View, etc. stored in your M2E Pro Magento v1.x database will be adapted to the Magento v2.x. environment.

Once you complete the Migration Wizard, you can start using your M2E Pro on Magento v2.x.