How to ensure all product updates are caught by M2E Pro if you update Magento through 3rd party modules

M2E Pro works based on core Magento functionality. The Module identifies all of the product updates made through the Magento interface and synchronizes them on the Channels.

If 3rd party tools are used to update such information as Product Quantity, Price, status, etc. overriding standard Magento logic, then programmatic adjustments are required to ensure the product updates are caught by M2E Pro.

There are two programmatic methods to keep M2E Pro notified about all changes:

- Object method — uses all variations of M2E Pro (slower).

- Structural model — only tracks data changes in existing Magento Products (fast).

Find the code snippets and detailed instruction about programmatic adjustments methods in this article.

Note: If you use the Magmi import tool, we recommend applying M2E Pro plug-in allowing to reflect the product updates correctly.