Important: M2E Pro version 6.5.4 does not support migration from M1 to M2

New M2E Pro version 6.5.4 contains a number of significant updates and important feature implementations. Just to name a few, M2E Pro users can now integrate their Magento stores with Walmart Marketplace, enroll in Amazon Business and eBay Guaranteed Delivery programs, benefit from enhanced synchronization logic, etc. Installing 6.5.4 would be of great advantage to all extension users on Magento 1.

Yet, the current version does not support migration of the data from Magento 1 to Magento 2. A new, fully reorganized data migration tool will be introduced in a future M2E Pro version. The release is planned for H2 2019. Though it may seem as a holdback for some of the users, we are confident that the enhancements are worth staying with a stable Magento 1 store for now.

Please do not upgrade your M2E Pro to the new 6.5.4 version if you are about to migrate your store to the new Magento 2 platform. You can reach out to our support team for the instructions on how to transfer the data safely.

You are welcome to send us an email at asking for advice if you are contemplating moving your store to Magento 2.