M2E Pro introduces support for Amazon Australia Marketplace

Amazon has confirmed its intention to launch the retail selling on the Australian marketplace in addition to the previously released Amazon Web Services and Kindle Store.

This means that businesses from all over the world can increase their sales, reach Australian customers and provide them with the local ordering advantages. While Australian sellers have got another one channel to reach their buyers. Besides, Amazon is going to place several local warehouses across Australia, which will significantly expedite the Item delivery to the final consumers.

M2E Pro Team works towards your business increase and profitability. With this post, we are happy to announce the full support of Amazon Australia integration provided on the Extension side. Starting from the Module v6.4.12 for Magento v1.x and Module v1.3.2 for Magento v2.x, users are able to integrate their Magento stores to the Australian marketplace.

If you want to be fully prepared for Amazon Australia official launch, install the latest M2E Pro version for Magento v1.x or Magento v2.x, enable the marketplace, create an Account and your first Listing for the Australian marketplace.

Please note, as of October 2017, some of your Offers listed on Australian marketplace via M2E Pro may not be available on Amazon frontend yet. It is due to the temporal Amazon restrictions.

Note, as of October 2017, the support of Australian marketplace through Amazon API is still in the developing stage. Some M2E Pro actions on Amazon Australia could fail due to the unstable Amazon API work for this marketplace. It may take Amazon some time to establish a stable support of Australian marketplace through its API.