Parts Compatibility feature has become available in M2E Pro for Magento v2.x

Do you sell car parts or accessories and want to list these products from your Magento v2.x.x to eBay with a high level of search relevance? Do not know how to achieve it? Here is a hint: M2E Pro becomes your professional guide in this matter as now it fully supports eBay Parts Compatibility feature for Magento v2.x.

It is worth to mention that Parts Compatibility functionality has long been available in M2E Pro for Magento v1.x. It allows easily listing specific items (e.g. parts/accessories) in association with the compatible vehicles. So, you could take full advantage of this feature:

- the growth of item search relevance;

- the ability to attract more buyers and satisfy their search demands;

- the increase in your sales and profit.

With the release of Magento v2.x.x, which is technically completely different from Magento v1.x.x, the implementation of this feature took considerable time.

Finally, there is great news for M2E Pro Users: Parts Compatibility becomes available starting from the M2E Pro v1.3.0 for Magento v2.x.x. Moreover, the performance of this functionality was significantly increased which allows working with the data faster and easier.

You are able to provide ePIDs/k-Types for your eBay items on both US and European eBay sites accordingly right after you perform one of these steps:

migrating your current M2E Pro data from Magento v1.x.x to Magento v2.x.x, using special Migration Tool


-installing the M2E Pro on your Magento v2.x.

Do not put it off, use the new opportunities M2E Pro gives you today. Parts Compatibility feature within M2E Pro for Magento v2.x.x will let you submit your product data more efficiently.

We believe the growth of your business, an increase in your sales and client base, improvement of your seller rating are the most reliable indicators proving that M2E Pro is developing in the right direction.

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