M2E Pro Extension released on Magento Marketplace [for Magento v 2.x]

To provide all Magento merchants with the better selling experience, Magento has introduced its new digital commerce site, Magento Marketplace

To be listed on the Marketplace, an extension should comply with Magento Extension Quality Program terms. Only those modules which have been carefully selected and approved by Magento experts are released on the website.

We are pleased to announce that M2E Pro is available on Magento Marketplace starting from v1.3.2. The Extension has successfully passed a rigorous selection process including the business, technical, and marketing review. 

All future Module releases will be listed on Magento Marketplace so that you can easily get the most up-to-date M2E Pro functionality.

The Extension is fully compatible with Magento v2.x.x to provide numerous merchants who are selling via Magento platform with the high-level service.

Using Magento Marketplace tools, the Module installation/upgrade executed automatically and does not require any technical knowledge for that. The detailed instructions can be found here.

Please let us know if you find this information inaccurate