M2E Pro supports using of secure content [for Magento v 1.x]

Recently Google Chrome has announced the planned improvements to connection security. Starting from October 2017, it will show the 'Not secure' message to users when they visit non-secure pages or secure pages which include non-secure content.

To comply with these changes and maintain users' credibility of site content, eBay notified it would use secure protocol for all listings beginning in October 2017. The non-secure content will not be available for the desktop users. Buyer will be required to click on the additional button to see the full Item description if it is not HTTPS-compliant.

M2E Pro Team constantly improves Extension functionality to provide its users with the better experience.  To prevent your listings being affected by eBay restrictions, Module introduces support of secure content in Item Custom Description starting from v6.4.11. Image URLs are now generated based on your Magento Store View configurations. Please find the details on how to set your preferences for secure link generating here.

Note, we highly recommend you to ensure that M2E Pro Items are revised appropriately. It will make the full Item description available for your Buyers without the need to click on 'See full item description' button.

Note, eBay will handle the security of Product Main Image and Gallery by himself. M2E Pro does not affect this content.


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