Why an automatic synchronization is required for eBay/Amazon integration?

When the requests are submitted to Channel servers, the responses are not received immediately. This is due to Channel systems peculiarity. For example, to get the response from Amazon API, M2E Pro needs to constantly check if the requests are processed. Since this Channel API use a queue system: all sent requests are queued and processed on “first come, first served" basis.

Besides, to perform the tasks on eBay/Amazon (e.g., quantity and price updating, orders importing/creation etc.), the permanently working automatic synchronization is required. This process is provided by M2E Pro Cron Service that works as a background mechanism for a constant script running.

If any problems as for automatic synchronization occur, please follow our recommendations:

For M2E Pro versions 6.1.1 or higher for Magento v 1.x and all M2E Pro versions for Magento v 2.x, no particular settings for automatic synchronization are required. However, if it is not working properly, please contact M2E Pro support.

Alternatively, you can set Magento Cron. In this case, automatic synchronization will be performed based on Magento Cron job settings. This configuration can also be helpful in case M2E Pro Cron Service execution temporary fails. Since Magento Cron will trigger the tasks until M2E Pro Cron Service is restored.

For M2E Pro version 6.1.0 or lower for Magento v 1.x, you should set Magento Cron so that the automatic synchronization could be performed.

Please note that by using outdated Module versions, you are depriving yourself of the automatic synchronization advantages, improved system performance and new useful features added. That is why we strongly recommend you to upgrade your M2E Pro to the latest available version

Please, check this post to learn how to set Magento Cron.

If the automatic synchronization is still not performed, read the article for the details on how to resolve the problem.

Please let us know if you find this information inaccurate