Major changes made to Amazon Repricing Service

Recently, there were a lot of changes implemented to the Amazon Repricing Service functionality. The Service can be used in combination with the M2E Pro Extension via the Connector which allows managing the Prices of the Products listed via M2E Pro to Amazon via the Service without any conflict with the Extension. Along with that, it can be used as an independent Service.

So, starting from the 6.4.7 version of M2E Pro for Magento v1.x the Amazon Repricing Service is enabled for all Amazon Accounts by default. Once the account is created in Sell on Multi-channels > Configurations > Accounts section, the Repricing Tool tab becomes available.  If you would like to manage Prices of Items listed from this Account via Repricing Service, you should link this Account to the Service first. It can be done by pressing a Link Now button.

After you link your Account to the Service, you can add the Products to it and configure the Repricing Rules which they should be managed under.

Previously the functionality which was available for managing Products via M2E Pro Connector was rather limited. Now it was expanded to make the Products' Price management easier and faster. For example, now you can set preferences on how the Regular, Minimum and Maximum Prices should be updated depending on the Magento Attributes values using an Additional Settings available in the Account configurations on the Repricing Tool tab. Moreover, the Additional Settings allows you to specify whether the Product status should be changed to Disabled depending on the Magento Attribute value.

To sum up, the functionality of the Repricing Service is improving from version to version. It becomes much more convenient for usage and the range of its functionality is extended either. The detailed information about new feature implementations can be found in our Release notes.

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