Migration from M2E Pro for Magento v1.x to M2E Pro for Magento v2.x

M2E Pro Team develops an independent solution - Migration tool - which will allow our Users to migrate M2E Pro data safely and easily.

Data Migration from Magento v1.x to Magento v2.x is an ample and complicated process. There is a variety of possible solutions to make the migration steps easier and faster. Magento Developers have created the Data Migration Tool to help users to efficiently transfer Database, media files, etc. There are also a lot of other external tools which could be used to migrate Magento 1.x data Magento 2.

Considering that it is impossible for us to predict which particular tool is used to transfer Magento data and that just a few of the available tools offer the functionality to migrate the Extensions’ data simply, the M2E Pro Migration Tool was created.

The Migration process contains several simple steps which should be completed to transfer the data properly.

The detailed guidelines you can find here

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