"Not be able to use a bulk editing / listing tool..." error message

When you list item(s) you got the error below:

'To help new private sellers like you get used to selling and delivering the level of customer service you need to succeed, we do not offer bulk editing and listing tools to new private sellers. Since you are new to selling in the UK, you will not be able to use a bulk editing / listing tool at this time. When 90 days have passed after your first sale and you have 10 or more feedback points as a seller (feedback points as a buyer do not count in this case), you will automatically be able to use bulk edit / listing tools. In the meantime, please use the Sell Your Item form or Easy Lister to list your items.'

Basically, what this means is that for new private (C2C) sellers only (i.e. sellers less than 90 days since the first sale, or less than 10 selling feedbacks) eBay is blocking all internal eBay tools and external 3rd party tools that have bulk editing/listing functionality in the UK and Germany. The rationale behind this is twofold:

1.       Private sellers typically do not use bulk editing/listing tools especially at the onset. The prototypical user of these types of tools are business sellers, in which case they should register as such.

2.       What we have found is that when new private sellers use the bulk editing/listing tools this creates a poor seller experience, with sellers going over their listing allowances, and / or calling eBay customer services because they made mistakes using these types of tools.

Please bear in mind that eBay is not blocking M2E pro or specific third party tools. Rather, eBay is taking a holistic approach of blocking all internal and external bulk editing/listing tools at the point of listing for this segment of new private sellers.

If you are a business seller who needs bulk listing on eBay using M2E pro/ SellOneBay, we recommend you to change the Account Type of your existing eBay user Id by going to eBay site  > My eBay > Account > Personal Information > Account type to Business.

For those users registering for the first time can create a new Business Seller account in UK by going to following registration page: https://scgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?RegisterEnterInfo&bizflow=2 

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