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    OpenMage LTS allows Magento 1.x EOL merchants to continue running a secure and stable Magento based platform while remaining PCI compliant. Continu...
    2 votes
    Sometimes channels doesn't receive tracking information, M2ePro should try to resend this data.
    1 votes
    if there is any platform that can compete with Amazon will be Facebook for the amount of data and consumer behavior they have. Their Magento beta i...
    1 votes
    Give the possibility to add affiliation buy button after add to cart button to optimize revenue and use google shopping to sale more product on ama...
    2 votes
    Now that the Netherlands are available on M2EPro 1.7.0, we need it to also be available on the repricer
    1 votes
    As many Sellers use Shopware I highly recommend this integration. I can develop the Shopware Plugin if you can give me access to your API and a tes...
    79 votes
    Integration with Amazon Japan India and Chine
    7 votes
    We are interested to sell on GOOGLE SHOPPING ACTION.
    We think it will be interesting to begin to sell now.

    It will be interesting that M2EPRO wil...
    3 votes
    Integration to Google Express Stores - now that they are expanding to small businesses, please consider creating an integration to Google's API whi...
    5 votes
    Integration with Amazon China
    2 votes
    Poshmark is quickly becoming a major marketplace for apparel. Please consider integrating with the marketplace.
    2 votes
    Germanys biggest price comparison allows customer with the feature "idealo Direktkauf" the checkout on their plattform
    6 votes
    eBid now have a pretty comprehensive API and they're starting to rank pretty well in Google SERPS.

    I think M2E should consider developing eBid integ...
    7 votes
    Houzz market place is growing so fast in home furnishing industry. The amount of Houzz orders sellers receive for home decor items is much more tha...
    1 votes
    Integration with Suppliers for products and inventory.

    Suppliers are now implementing API's to be able to connect to their catalogs for items, inven...
    2 votes
    The largest marketplace for collectors
    1 votes
    9 votes
    I use M2EPro to manage Amazon and eBay, but also sell via Discogs and Bandcamp which i'm currently managing manually. If at any point there was an ...
    5 votes
    Asos marketplace is growing and an integration with it would be a great help for fashion sellers
    10 votes
    Aukro and Allegro are the marketplaces in CZ and PL with high potencial for incrasing sales. It would be really nice if they can be supported too. ...