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    Etsy is a marketplace for hand made one of a kind artisan sellers. Its time consuming to list individually on multiple marketplaces. Imagine a...
    276 votes
    Sears supposedly has similar sales potential as
    214 votes
    Please, create an Integration with the Newegg.
    181 votes
    You should add a channel for It is going to be a big up and coming marketplace that you can ONLY list your products via API/Listing...
    started July 24, 2018
    102 votes
    I would like the ability to be able to sell my stock through my facebook store but manage my orders through megento, with a simple setup like the...
    77 votes
    Very cool site, and is quickly becoming a great alternative to Amazon. Great for it merchants unlike Amazon.
    73 votes
    Tesco being the largest UK retailer - most likely their marketplace will be a success and M2E should provide its customer the option of linking to it?
    71 votes
    Hey guys yeah, I was just thinking about any of these three Marketplaces if possible. eBay of course has always been a leader in sense with the...
    63 votes
    In Fnac Marketplace we have some sellers with Magento that they have not any platform to connect Magento with us, I think that would be very...
    56 votes
    Trade Me, New Zealand's biggest and most popular auction and classifieds site.
    40 votes
    Integrate with - The British Marketplace.
    39 votes is driven by the official german mail company and it's getting more and more popular.
    35 votes
    There is a lot of potential with this integration as there's over 60000 stores on Shopify platform and yet not one single useful app that does the...
    33 votes

    Recently learned about Walmart marketplace and they have invited our company to participate, it would be a good idea probably to add this...
    started July 24, 2018
    30 votes
    M2E Integration with, an up and coming Musical Instruments marketplace based out of the USA.
    29 votes
    Way better than Magento pls consider it Wordpress amazing system WooComerce way better with SEO and many other thing. 
    25 votes
    M2E Pro support overstock should be a good idea.
    23 votes
    Consider these:

    1. Opencart is second most used open source cart option by developers.

    2. OpenCart is mostly deployed for small & medium size...
    19 votes integration. is the biggest online marketplace of the Netherlands (like Amazon).
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