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    like product name, sku, ASIN, regular price, min price, max price, lowest price, rule name and buy box winner or not etc
    8 votes
    It would be great to have a rule which would automatically reduce the product price in increments until either the buy box is achieved or the minim...
    3 votes
    I think it would be an usefull idea to give the possibility to update automatically the price calculated by the repricing tool from Amazon to Magen...
    declined M2E Pro Support (Manager, M2E Pro) responded
    Thank you for your suggestion.
    However, M2E Pro integrates Product data from Magento to Channel. This means that Magento products catalog represent...
    3 votes
    My idea is, that many other repricing providers have too, we should be able to adjust, which time repricing will work. For sample: we do not want s...
    2 votes
    like sku, ASIN, regular price, min price, max price, and rule name
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