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  • 4 votes
    Right now, supplying keywords in a description policy is somewhat useless, as the from requires that every product managed by a certain description...
    39 votes
    It woukd be great if it where possible to send out automatic email notifications to a designated email adress whenever the creation of an Amazon or...
    5 votes
    Unfortunately Amazon are not strict when sellers create new products.

    There are many listings where sellers have created either the incorrect produ...
    3 votes
    Listing columns should display "visibility" as this is also a criteria for selling/not selling items to marketplaces.
    17 votes
    M2E does not create a Magento order if, for example, the product is currently out of stock.

    You can create the order manually by selecting 'create o...
    18 votes
    Stores are likely to have Magento attached to an ERP/bookkeeping system, seperated by storeview. For example, delivers to all German-spea...
    83 votes
    Actually Bold-Tag is filtered from Amazon descriptions. But Amazon allows to use this tag.

    So please don't remove this from description :)
    22 votes
    Extract the Amazon reports (which are difficult to use) and render them with some sort of graphing software in the Magento Backend.
    12 votes
    If we can able to fetch the product using Amazon API then it will be a great feature to have, Presently we have to create a product even though mos...
    38 votes
    Markup calculation in selling format templates is great, but we would benefit from being able to do something a little bit more advanced.

    Something ...
    57 votes
    Amazon extension is already out as we also use Amazon products for advertising on our sites. It will be great if we are able to use the amazon prod...
    29 votes
    This will be usefull to manual introduce products in magento.

    Just write the ean and full product is created in magento database importing the info...
    27 votes
    One interesting idea would be to create an option to download a flat file of the whole amazon inventory.