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    Need Integration for Amazon UAE MarketPlace.
    2 votes
    Need to list bundle product as a product set (simple product) to amazon.

    I just started using M2epro for Amazon and find it only supports listing gr...
    4 votes
    Right now there is no Singapore Marketplace in M2E Pro. I think M2E Pro team Should add this future in M2E Pro
    1 votes
    What is the advantage of receiving orders in Magento 2, but not being able to process shipping and returns there ?
    Both must be done in the Amazon ...
    17 votes
    Support for within M2ePro would be useful for some of our customers.
    1 votes
    It would usefull to give sellers the possibility to create "Auto Assigning Rules for Shipment Rules" as Auto Add/Remove Rules linked to Description...
    2 votes
    We ran a search automatically for 500k items.
    - Many items were matched on amazon and listed.
    - Others, M2E did not find a match.
    - Others...
    1 votes
    Presently the only way to know if a configurable products simples are not fully mapped to all the available variations is to manually click on ever...
    4 votes
    In the Description Policy, I need to manually choose a Category based on what's in the dropdown. I then need to create a new policy for each categ...
    13 votes
    We have been approached by Amazon to offer SFP to our customers but the latest version doesn't allow for this to work. It's currently available in ...
    planned March 10, 2021
    2 votes
    I have over 300k of Amazon Listings. The current method to Move Items is not adequate for large quantity of Listings

    1, There is no way to ...
    1 votes
    We have found that Amazon includes overseas territories as part of the mainland, but uses the postcode to identify if it is outside of the mainland...
    1 votes
    Even though we are not yet a platinum merchant (as most people are not) we were told directly from an Amazon rep that they suggested filing these o...
    8 votes
    Hello, we use the module for magento but we need to integrate with Amazon Brazil, what do I need to modify in the module to be able to do this? I a...
    3 votes
    More and more of my Magento clients are needing to ship multiple packages and send multiple tracking numbers to Amazon.

    If a client were to take t...
    1 votes
    I think it would be helpful if you can perform as many of the Seller Central tasks in Magento as possible...See a dashboard of open orders, sales s...
    1 votes
    When an Amazon gift order is processed, no address is given or passed to M2Epro, so no Magento order is created and an error is given.
    To create the...
    1 votes
    It would be great if we could see in the Magento CMS that shows if your are the chosen vendor for the buy box on Amazon for a particular listing.
    2 votes
    It would be great if when listing a product to Amazon, when it comes to selecting variation data, if the selection box displayed the attribute code...
    1 votes
    We are using other applications like helloprofit or sellics to keep an eye on our sales and returns

    I thinks this is something easy and you could ad...