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    Need a support of inbound/outbound shipment information, automatic updating of the FBA stock levels in Magento, an ability to be notified about...
    started M2E Pro Support (Manager, M2E Pro) responded
    Support of FBA functionality is under development.
    48 votes
    Right now the current M2e Pro filters by Fulfill by Amazon or fulfill by merchant and does not change unless we manually change in Amazon...
    73 votes
    Please add the Amazon Automotive parts compatibility feature into the m2e extension. This feature is very important to sellers who offer car parts...
    164 votes
    21 votes
    At the moment different shipping templates have to be manually applied to products that are listed on Amazon.

    They is not so great when you have an...
    106 votes
    13 votes
    Many times on Amazon there are several ASINs for a UPC code. Very often the right ASIN is based on UPC/EAN code.

    Please, help the desesperate...
    7 votes
    The Collectibles catagory should be an option. The collectibles catagory does require authorization by Amazon, so if not authorized it will...
    3 votes
    Currently, restricted categories (that need seller-authorization) are missing in a list when creating a description policy and can also not be...
    9 votes
    Allow some logic and switch/case type mapping within the "New ASIN" templates.

    Example if/then: I list jewelry. Some items have stones (and thus...
    225 votes
    Create automatic replies for Amazon Feedbacks and ratings. Especially when customers have ordered and received their items it should be checked if...
    10 votes
    Enable simple csv export for data in "listings", make bulk corrections and reimport.
    9 votes
    Currently there is no way to list Music on Amazon through M2E Pro. Support for the Music department for ASIN creation needs to be added.

    There are...
    26 votes
    We utilize a custom attribute for both Handling Time and Restock Date. We have a ERP software that we use that automatically updates these...
    25 votes
    It would great if you could also answer to rating feedbacks on amazon from inside magento.
    1 votes
    I think it would be helpful if you can perform as many of the Seller Central tasks in Magento as possible...See a dashboard of open orders, sales...
    1 votes
    When an Amazon gift order is processed, no address is given or passed to M2Epro, so no Magento order is created and an error is given.
    To create...
    1 votes
    It would be great if we could see in the Magento CMS that shows if your are the chosen vendor for the buy box on Amazon for a particular listing.
    1 votes
    It would be great if when listing a product to Amazon, when it comes to selecting variation data, if the selection box displayed the attribute...
    4 votes
    Amazon has launched a new way to sell customized products. Its programme is called "Amazon Custom".

    Before putting an item to the cart, parameters...
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