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    At least the "description" policies should have mass update functionality. If you use a description template (HTML), and make a general change,...
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    Since eBay requires the EAN/UPC or Does not apply to be set, it seems that when M2E imports eBay sales and creates a product in the catalog from...
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    It would be handy if you could select the attributes (e.g. price, quantity, title, image) which you manual want to revise on eBay.

    We often have...
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    We have separate products which are part of a variation on eBay and would like the ability to link them together.

    The only way we can do this...
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    We are currently migrating from 3rd party listing tool (Sixbit) to keeping our products in sync with Magento.

    It would be useful to import the eBay...
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    If we sell multiple articles to a eBay customer the invoice is without VAT. If we sell one article to a eBay Customer everything is ok. How we can...
    5 votes
    eBay has launched Russia Marketplace for a while. Please make eBay Russia integration available at the earliest possible time.
    18 votes
    The Magmi plugin is used to notify M2e of changes being made in Magento when a csv is uploaded. This can be used to update product quantities and...
    2 votes
    I want to use different prefixes for orders - depending on the ebay website. I use just one ebay account to sell on different ebay sites,...
    7 votes
    Everybody may sometimes have inventory issues and end up getting eBay, Amazon or other marketplace order when Magento stock is not sufficient or...
    19 votes
    For large catalogue customers it is better to automate most of the process. Especially when now days you have many listings and SKUs.
    For adding...
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    create option to move main Magento MENU -> move it under sales

    Move both Amazon and eBay under


    -> Sales

    -> M2ePRO (or sell on platforms)

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    Since eBay have changed their policy (start of 2016) to punish you if you do not mark your item as shipped before the date specified ('Late...
    1 votes
    Currently, when we have search item in search view, it will show the result of in different listing, if we would like to edit them, say stop, or...
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    There are some ideas that require a more flexible description ... e.g.

    - display related products (
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    mark "#image_[picture_name]" would give user more control to pleaced exactly picture from product gallery to the right place into the description...
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    Good ideas is implement "#attribute#" mark which would pleaced whole non empty and visible attributes of product into the description of auction.
    11 votes
    Create responsive and mobile friendly image gallery for product description templates.
    M2E Pro Support (Manager, M2E Pro) responded
    Currently, it is not a priority task. However, we are always happy to hear our Users' suggestions. Could you possibly provide us with more details...
    9 votes
    Automatically move products for sale in automatic discount to another listing

    Able to have a sale delivery rule at the end of auction in order to...
    6 votes
    Read and store the ebay item id for every product. So it will be possible to use that in the description and templates for example for the "add to...