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    Add a filter to select what products in 3rd party listing to show:

    All / Mapped / Not mapped

    Cause when there are about 10000 items in the list -...
    4 votes
    I'd like to recommend a single dashboard that would be added as another menu option on the Magento Admin Panel. The dashboard would give a summary...
    3 votes
    It would be great if we could call the "Add Compatible Vehicles pop-up" in the Product edit page in the Magento's admin area.
    1 votes
    In our system we can list items to both eBay US and eBay Motors in the same listing by selecting multiple categories, giving our products greater...
    6 votes
    We already have global m2epro listing Search for ebay (Sell on ebay/Listings/Seach) . It is very usefull as you can search all your m2epro...
    9 votes
    with several thousand products added to our magento site, it is becoming a problem for our freight products. I have to manually move them over to...
    13 votes
    Please show up the correct payment method for the transaction made through ebay instead of 'M2E Payment', as it is such a time waster to check the...
    12 votes
    We need to have the ability to automate the 2nd chance offer process. At the moment m2e does not have the ability to do this.
    What is needed is the...
    4 votes
    I have many clients that have items priced over $5,000.00 and at the present time, they can only add a fixed percentage price increase. This...
    63 votes
    Please add the checkout comments to the comments of magento order.

    In the backend I can see the comments, but when I export the orders the...
    48 votes
    message center Ebay inbox in magento it will be great
    30 votes
    Resolution center, or at lease show the cases awaiting sellers reply notification
    15 votes
    M2epro has brilliant option for changing price when we list products on ebay/amazon but its lacking rule based system

    For example :

    in consumer...
    1 votes
    M2E Pro forces the sort order of items to be launched using the item ID. I'd like to be able to launch items based on 'Name', or 'Price', or...
    23 votes
    Customers can buy goods from our magento storefront, our ebay store, ebay auctions, or amazon store. We need magento to make items that are up for...
    72 votes
    Hi I think it would be great if when importing orders from eBay that they get imported in proper case i.e.

    john doe

    123 mocking bird lane

    15 votes
    When inserting images into the description field it is impossible to have correctly sized images unless the originals are appropriately sized and...
    56 votes

    When listing multiple products into the same category say "Womens Shoes", different products will have different item specifics.

    When you go to...
    5 votes
    I would like to see the option to be able to use an attribute for the Price change dropdown on the Item Price section of the policy.

    I have an...
    18 votes
    The number of discrete items included in the item you are offering for sale,

    in amazon asin templates it's possible to use package quantities and...