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    Please add Classified Ad Selling Format to M2E Pro which is available by eBay but currently not supported by your extension. There are many...
    1 votes
    It would be nice if we could add Ebay Plus via M2E.
    An attribute would be a good solution. If this attribute is greater than 0 then it is an Ebay...
    3 votes
    eBay seems to penalize listings that have not had a sale within the last 2 listing cycles (~60 days). The listing's placement in eBay's search...
    1 votes
    "Stp price" would also have to be solved, now it's a disaster.
    Stp must be the "Price" and the discounted price must be "Special price".
    Thank you.
    4 votes
    We need to use on M2E Pro custom attributes for Ebay Full Price and Ebay Special Price.

    Even if Ebay would receive only one of them, we need to...
    3 votes
    We would need to separate Ebay orders on the basis of the different ebay selling channels.

    So that we can be aknowledge about how many orders we...
    1 votes
    Add the ability to filter by a specific policy, rather than just if a policy is set.

    This would make it possible to change all products from one...
    3 votes
    It would be great if there is the possibility to send ebay messages to the buyer (ebay message system) after they purchased (or item marked as...
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    Good Morning
    When listing products on eBay you can change or amend the product title. The one problem is when the item is sold and then relisted...
    declined M2E Pro Support (Manager, M2E Pro) responded
    Navigate to M2E Pro Synchronization Policy > Relist Rules and enable the 'Synchronize data' option.  With this option enabled,  all changes made...
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    We're optimizing the on-page SEO on our site which involves cross-linking to other pages in the description, however eBay has a very strict policy...
    1 votes
    We need the variation image to be taken from the parent configurable based on the image label = variation label.
    Can be done?
    1 votes
    eBay requires minimum 500px for images.
    Suggestion for m2epro to adjust images to meet eBay requirements.
    1 votes
    This is very useful feature for users that don't want to import all their eBay listings and just want to import listings individually and link...
    7 votes
    Hi guys,
    the eBay return process is pretty complex and time consuming. There is a lot of space for optimizations.

    For orders placed in our Magento...
    1 votes
    I think it is a good idea to do: not to show in add product from List page those products which have the store view hidden.
    For example, if I have...
    8 votes
    Unfortunately, at the time, M2ePro does not recognize the discounts through the "Promotion Manager" on Ebay.

    Every time we put a discount on ebay...
    1 votes
    At least the "description" policies should have mass update functionality. If you use a description template (HTML), and make a general change,...
    1 votes
    Since eBay requires the EAN/UPC or Does not apply to be set, it seems that when M2E imports eBay sales and creates a product in the catalog from...
    1 votes
    It would be handy if you could select the attributes (e.g. price, quantity, title, image) which you manual want to revise on eBay.

    We often have...
    1 votes
    We have separate products which are part of a variation on eBay and would like the ability to link them together.

    The only way we can do this...