Suggestions for eBay Integration

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Once you add a product to a listing, it cannot be removed without also ending the listing on eBay. The action is "Stop on eBay / Remove From Listing". It would be nice to have something that just does the remove part while leaving the eBay item alone, the listing could then show up under "3rd Party Listings" and be mapped to a different magento product if desired.

The use case is this - we have some popular item that has a lot of sales, so we don't want to end the listing and lose all that sales history. However we run out of the original product, but want to continue selling a compatible product on the same popular eBay listing. So we want to unmap it from the current product and map it to the compatible one.
James Dunham shared this idea January 09, 2015
Lofano Giovanni commented May 27, 2015 11:05
Were you able to "unmapp" products?

I too have the same problem.