Suggestions for Amazon Integration

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The Collectibles catagory should be an option. The collectibles catagory does require authorization by Amazon, so if not authorized it will generate an error
Matt Sollis shared this idea May 01, 2014
Gus Poulakas commented April 02, 2016 23:04
Hello we severely need the collectibles category as m2e Amazon is useless to us without it. We are manually listing to Amazon. commented August 27, 2015 14:08
any update on this?
Anonymous commented May 03, 2014 02:05
Yes, we need the collectibles - coins to be added to M2E - Amazon. They are planning on launching the U.S. Coins in Collectibles May 27th, but many dealers that use your Ebay Bridge are wanting to start listing coins on Amazon, too. Can you please update the marketplace for Collectibles/Coins

Thank you.