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Allow multiple images to be uploaded per variation on variation & multi variation listings

What does M2EPro do right now?

Only one image per variation is listed to eBay

Is this available via the eBay Trading API?



Currently M2EPro users are at a *competitive disadvantage* compared to sellers using other tools (including the eBay Sell Your Item form) because they are unable to show additional images per variation within the eBay image gallery.

Note: This is standard functionality in TurboLister and almost all 3rd party tools that support listing variations to eBay.

View any category on eBay that supports variations and the vast majority of sellers will be using multi variation listings, part of multi variations is the ability to add multiple images per variation.

Up to 12 images can be added per variation, these images are displayed in main eBay gallery not only on the desktop browser version of the, but also on mobile devices and eBay apps.

This is amplified by the fact that the eBay mobile applications show these additional images in the image gallery, a seller using M2E Pro to list with would require the customer to view the description of the product which is a separate tab in the mobile apps.
Matthew Ogborne shared this idea March 02, 2014
vitvik commented April 01, 2015 01:04
More images please!!!
ed commented May 29, 2014 13:05
More images more sales!
Matthew Ogborne commented May 19, 2014 09:05

And also to add to this further, eBay have now published that an order is made via mobile every 1 second.

Matthew Ogborne commented March 11, 2014 22:03

Just to add to this, in the Spring 2014 eBay updates, the eBay stores update that comes to the UK in March (and is already live in the USA) features the extra product images using the modal popup window in eBay sellers store pages.

saisho commented March 09, 2014 09:03
As an example please see eBay item 251356061105, this listing has over 1000 sales in one style with 20 different colour options and each colour has 5 images. Currently using M2E Pro it is not possible to show customers all the colour options with a full set of images as we are only able to add 12 images to the eBay image gallery. Customers in fashion categories in particular are very demanding wanting to make sure the products are exactly what they need, requiring images from various angles. In footwear it is very common to have 10 to 20 colours in popular styles. As Matthew states above it is very much a disadvantage as other listing tools do not have this restriction and customers are more likely to make a purchase from a listing with additional images and also reduce returns as they will know what to expect.

In addition sellers are also able to list multiple similar styles in one listing, as an example please see eBay item 301055733610, this listing has over 800 sales from 9
jeff commented March 03, 2014 17:03
Hi M2e Pro Team,

I would also like to see this suggestion implemented.