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Currently M2E doesn't take notice of the user defined quantity value on bundles or account for the same simple product being in a bundle product twice and lists to eBay with incorrrect stock values.

This is a change request to enable a seller to have one non-variation listing on eBay, then when the item sells for the order line items to explode into their kit parts (default Magento functionaility) and for the stock level to be calculated correctly for when the user defined value is greater than 1.

For Example:


You have two light bulbs with a SKU of "H4" and a total quantity of 20 in stock.

You want to sell them as a kit 2x H4 (one light bulb for each side of a car).

There are two ways of doing this in Magento, one kit line item or two separate line items:

Case 1


A new bundle product is made in Magento and you set it as a forced quantity of 2 for a single bundle line item.


Case 2


A new bundle product is made in Magento and you set it as a forced quantity of 1 for two bundle line items


What currently happens in M2E


When such a bundle is listed to eBay, the available quantity is shown as 20.

According to the M2E documentation what we're seeing, a listed quantity of 20 is what we should expect on eBay ( ).

However the listed quanitity is incorrect for both cases above. Instead it should be 10 ( 20 / 2 or total / sum of each parts required ).

Change Request:


Can the calculation that works out the available quantity account for the user defined value.

In the example above the quantity should be 10 (total / required parts or 20 / 2 ).

Using the M2E support wiki as the example here, instead of the sum being like this:

Laptop qty = (758 x qty required) x + (576 x qty required ) = 1334;

Warranty qty = (22 x qty required) + (436 x qty required) + (666 x qty required) = 1124;

And 1124 being used because it's the lowest ...
Matthew Ogborne shared this idea February 21, 2014
completed July 12, 2016
Adam commented November 25, 2017 19:11
still not fixed? please fix it, such a basic thing when it comes to stock management and eBay listing
Anonymous commented December 30, 2014 19:12
Is there any update to this now that voting has closed? It's so heavily supported and is absolutely critical to anyone using bundles.
ryan commented July 17, 2014 18:07
I have a similar issue. Instead of bundled products I am creating grouped products as kits. The kits can contain several QTY of a simple product. In magento, I can set the Default QTY for each product in the group, great. I then accomplish my goal of listing a kit as a single item on ebay. When the ebay order comes through it successfully breaks down the kit and subtracts the inventory, but it will only subtract a maximum of 1 item even if the default qty is set to 10 for example, forcing me to adjust the inventory manually.
Anonymous commented June 27, 2014 00:06
This really is an integral part of what we're looking to do with M2E pro. Is there any update on this feature?
betterConnex commented May 28, 2014 21:05
Anyone know when this fix is going to be available?