Suggestions for Amazon Integration

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Allow some logic and switch/case type mapping within the "New ASIN" templates.

Example if/then: I list jewelry. Some items have stones (and thus many more required attributes) and some don't. It would be nice to have an if/then logical analyis of an attribute.

--> if Magento-custom-attribute [number_of_stones] > 0 then include Amazon-optional-specific [stone] and its sub-specifics.

Example case/switch: Many times Amazon valid values are not good matches to what we would actually use in product listing on our website or on eBay, etc.

--> switch Magento-custom-attribute [metal_type]

case "Sterling Silver"

Amazon-optional-specific [metal_type] = "sterling-silver"

case "10k Gold"

case "14k Gold"

case "18k Gold"

Amazon-optional-specific [metal_type] = "yellow-gold"

case "10k Gold and Sterling Silver"

case "14k Gold and Sterling Silver"

case "18k Gold and Sterling Silver"

Amazon-optional-specific [metal_type] = "yellow-gold-and-sterling-silver"

Sy Moen shared this idea January 17, 2014
Sy Moen commented January 27, 2014 22:01
I just realized that there is such functionality in some of the fields in the New ASIN template area:

...if that functionality was always available whenever I choose "Custom Attribute" that would be perfect.
Sy Moen commented January 17, 2014 00:01
...if you really want to go for the gold, throw in some regex...