Suggestions for eBay Integration

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The Challenge


When items are listed on to eBay, M2EPro knows about ALL the attributes & values for that listing, such as the domestic shipping cost or the sellers eBay Store category number and even the listing type.

However the vast majority of these values that a seller would need access to create advanced eBay listing templates are not available using the keyword picker tool on a listing template in M2E Pro.

What we are Suggesting:


We would like specific system keywords available that are processed via M2E Pro when an item is listed and are then available in the listing.



An excellent example would be #m2epro_dom_ship_1_value#, #m2epro_dom_ship_1_extra_value# & #m2epro_dom_ship_1_extra_method#

With keywords:

This would allow the seller to say “Our domestic shipping is £#m2epro_dom_ship_1_value# and each additional item is just £#m2epro_dom_ship_1_extra_value# more and we’ll ship your order using #m2epro_dom_ship_1_extra_method#”

With keywords in a listing:

“Our domestic shipping is £2.99 and each additional item is just £0.99 more and we’ll ship your order using Express Delivery (Parcelforce 24)”

Another example would be #m2epro_store_category_id1#

This would then allow a eBay seller to make a link to directly promote similar products in their eBay shop, crucially in the same category that the item the customer is viewing because the listing has this value available.

Such a link would look like this:

Live example:

Who would this help?


All eBay sellers that use a custom listing template via M2E Pro.

Such keywords are available in other tools, such as ChannelAdvisor, eSellerPro, StoreFeeder, SellerExpress, Linnworks, ChannelGrabber etc... and would aid their usage of M2EPro (some would not be able to use M2EPro without these available).

Suggested Keywo...
Matthew Ogborne shared this idea October 20, 2013
completed M2E Pro Support (Manager, M2E Pro) responded
Implemented in v 6.0.7
Jon C commented December 02, 2013 23:12
the drop down menu or the extra options ex: sell on ebay ->Configuration > Policies > Description Policy > Custom Description") do not show under a new installation of 6.0.8 on both either magento or is there any issue with the new version? also, it does not seem to show some variables* options under days on handling or return policy selections. But, if I change the ebay site to UK it seems to have these variables to select from and not for US ebay.
Ben commented November 08, 2013 20:11
Right on! Good times!
Matthew Ogborne commented November 08, 2013 20:11
Ben commented November 03, 2013 02:11
This would be awesome. I really need this!
Kevin Cook commented November 01, 2013 13:11
We definitely need this doing.
Alex commented October 31, 2013 16:10
This would be very helpful - I know we would also use a key word for ebay BIN price and the full description
Anonymous commented October 26, 2013 09:10
We definitely need this doing asap. Kind regards.
Matthew Ogborne commented October 20, 2013 12:10
I forgot to add where "would these appear".

These would be available to be parsed in any eBay template kept in M2E Pro or set in:

"Sell on eBay > Configuration > Policies > Description Policy > Custom Description"

A keyword picker similar to the "Product Attribute" would be the easiest way of a user selecting these values.

An example screenshot of how this could look is below: