Suggestions for Other Sales Channel

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There is a lot of potential with this integration as there's over 60000 stores on Shopify platform and yet not one single useful app that does the job as M2E (useful in this case means working)

Thank you

Petr Stulik shared this idea August 13, 2013
John Crayford commented October 26, 2020 21:10
Fast forward 7 years Shopify still has no integration with eBay.

There are apps out there for small Sellers but none that enables
adding of all the selling attributes IE Item specifics
Thomas Rodriguez commented November 23, 2015 18:11
Integration with Shopify or Bigcommerce would be great! I think it is possible to use Zapier to create invoices in magento from new Shopify orders. But a direct integration would be much better. It is a bit restrictive to only have magento as a website option.