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Is there a way to automate feedback after the Order has been marked as dispatched.

Currently M2E only leaves automatic feedback once the customer has left me feedback.
Anonymous shared this idea May 23, 2012
Adam commented December 15, 2017 12:12
Seems odd not to have the option to leave feedback before getting feedback? sellers with large numbers of sales just want to give feedback on every sale to help increase the chances of the buyer leaving feedback in return.

Please add this simple feature

GameCode commented May 26, 2016 05:05
As an extra option for others, yes! But giving feedback after feedback is received can be important for some sellers.

For example, we sell digital products that are allowed by ebay and unfortunately there are a lot of dishonest customers that as soon as they receive feedback they contact us and blackmail us.

They say the item they purchased doesn't work and say that if we don't give a refund they will leave negative feedback.

Most sellers will know this old trick and in our industry it is a massive problem. So M2EPro's default setting for feedback is good for us and don't want to see it replaced. So a setting to choose the preferred method would be ideal.
Alan commented November 13, 2014 15:11
Agreed, we need this feature ASAP please!
Matthew Ogborne commented July 13, 2014 11:07
They key comment here is after the order has been shipped.

Selling Manager and other tools can leave feedback when payment is received, however as Dale is suggesting below and others here is to leave feedback once an order has been shipped.

Such business owners are looking for this action to leave the feedback comment to the buyer to help them let the buyer know that their order has been shipped and is on the way to them.

Dale commented July 13, 2014 10:07
Hi Guys/Girls

The current feedback in M2E Pro to buyer after payment option, the current setting in M2E Pro is only supply feedback after the buyer has supplied feedback.

There has always been 2 camps with sellers on this issue; the ones (like me) who believe if a buyer has bought and paid instantly they deserve feedback.

Or the other seller who want feedback first i just don't get that but that is the M2E Pro stance and setting. You have deal with more emails of buyers asking for feedback.

So without getting into an argument I believe M2E Pro should have a setting that allows for both scenarios. Auto feedback after Paypal payment has been received and shipping has been completed. The system sends the shipping notification and then sends feedback to ebay or the current setting.

Showing buyers you instant gratification is a good sales tactic and will assist in repeat orders.

Please vote for this idea Guys/Girls.
Chad commented July 10, 2014 19:07
This is a must have. Seems like M2E did this the hard way and needs more API calls by having to check customer feedback status before leaving feedback. Why not just give feedback when the shop owner wants to based on some order status... shipped is a logical choice! even better, let the shop owner decide this for themselves with a setting.
Matt commented April 24, 2014 17:04
Yea we need this as well
Steven commented November 14, 2013 16:11
We like to leave feedback to all of our buyers. However with the large volume we do, especially in Holiday seasons, we simply don't have time. A lot of buyers will not leave feedback unless the seller does. This can be a very powerful tool. I'd like to see the option to automatically leave feedback if paid for within a certain time period.
sonia.williams commented November 02, 2013 16:11
..great tool
hudson commented November 01, 2013 07:11
this would be the best way for retailers to boost their feedback rating, not a lot of purchasers bother to leave feedback unless they are prompted to and leaving feedback first is often a good motivator
Kyle commented October 31, 2013 09:10

This is vital, please include asap.

Clare Poole commented October 30, 2013 16:10

please can you add this, this would be a great help and increase our feedback.

Thanks Clare
Sam Broom commented October 30, 2013 14:10

Please add this functionality, I feel it is a key feature for feedback management.


Adam Wale commented October 30, 2013 14:10

Please add this in asap. it'd help so much in generating feedback and positive DSRs.


James Barber commented October 30, 2013 14:10

We would like this idea to be implemented, as a seller feedback is very important to us, not so much for the buyer, if we could automate feedback to be left quickly, this would increase our own feedback accordingly.

Could this idea please be implemented?