Suggestions for eBay Integration

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Sometimes you have attributes that may not be present for all products.

For example YouTube video embed code, would be helpful if you could something like:

{if youtube_video isset}output html code{else}do something else...
Peter shared this idea May 06, 2012
Matthew Ogborne commented October 21, 2013 16:10
Hi Kyle,

Yep, they have to be processed when the item is being listed, especially if one of the values being checked is only available to M2E Pro at the time of listing.

As a heads up I put this request in on the weekend, that's keywords on steroids :) What do you think?

Kyle Walker commented October 21, 2013 16:10
:) It would be nice if it were processed before creating the description on eBay like you mentioned.
Matthew Ogborne commented October 20, 2013 12:10
Hi Kyle,

Yea we're doing the same, but it's not ideal and not "Matt Proof" either :)

Kyle Walker commented July 17, 2012 14:07
I have worked some javascript code up that eBay actually allows. I use this code within my eBay templates and it works beautifully. I have added every attribute to a very long list in my ebay description template so I can mimic my additional information onto my ebay listings automatically. You can use this code to tinker with what you need it to do. Let me know if this helped you. :) It took me a long time to find out this hack because eBay is very strict on javascripts.

Change all instances of "attribute_code" to the attribute code :)

My code is set up to work with hiding a row within a two column table. All you need to do is change it to suit your needs.

If #attribute_code# has no information in the field then the table row is hidden.

<script type="text/javascript">

onload=function() {

if(!td_attribute_code.hasChildNodes()) {'none'