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So ebay just came out with a new requirement for returns and RMA. Ebay has a RMA system that you have to manually enter OR you can have your own RMA system and then you have to enter that info into ebay for the return/refund. What we dont want is a bunch of different RMA systems (that can be very confusing). We want a central RMA system that can work on multiple channels (for example website, ebay, Amazon). Magento already has a few different companies that provide RMA systems (we currently use one and it is so nice).

So this is my idea. You use a already built Magento RMA system (or create your own Magento RMA system) and then integrate it with ebay's RMA system so when you create a RMA in Magento or update it then it automatically updates the ebay RMA info without us having to manually log it again on ebay's site. Currently you are working on another one of my ideas which is to make refunds on ebay easier through Magento (thank you that will be awesome). By adding this as well it might make that process easier as on ebay's new RMA system when you select it to refund ebay automatically will do the refund and give you back your fees. By integrating this it might make that project a lot easier as well.

I actually have a phone conference with the ebay guy in charge of Magento/ebay integration as he wants to understand our Magento RMA system a little better and I will push him to work with M2E Pro as well on integrating a RMA system so its automated.

Please vote for this idea :)

Thanks Dustin
GreatVacs shared this idea March 09, 2012
Eric commented September 18, 2015 19:09
What system are you currently using for RMA's GreatVacs? Did you contact that developer to see if they can integrate with eBay?
GreatVacs commented April 09, 2014 21:04
Yes Magento Community has several RMA extensions you can install. But the point of this is to tie the two systems (ebay RMA) to our RMA system in our store.
Anthony Cicchelli commented September 17, 2013 21:09
Magento Enterprise has this feature built into the core system. If something like this is available for community I'd also like to know.