Suggestions for eBay Integration

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It would be awesome to be able to have the ability to set an option to have products to be "Stopped and Removed" once product status become Out Of Stock. This option can also be set to allow a Custom Attribute to set the option so it can then be set on a per product bases.

The reason for this is I have products in stock that become Discontinued. Once products become discontinued we set out backorders option to Not Allow Backorders because the product is no longer available from our supplier. What we would like to do is have this listing Stopped and Removed from the listing automatically once the stock qty of the item hits 0. This way when products become discontinued I can then use Magento Data Profiles to update my custom attribute for this setting for discontinued products and everything will happen automatically.
Kyle Walker shared this idea March 04, 2012
Michal Sliwa commented September 14, 2015 14:09
My suggestion is to solve in this way

When you are using this option out fo stock control and after some time products are no longer discontinued this extension will have option

Stop all auctions with out of stockcontrol/ status hidden / after X days. You can choose after how many days it will stops.

Example .

Product 1

Delivery on March -> sold out so auction gets status hidden -> re-ordered -> Received & Sold out on Aprill status hidden -> re-ordered -> Received & sold out totally . Now you are not able to re-order so the auction will have status hidden

Then after for example 30 days when the status hasn't changed in this period of time, extension will stop the auction

What you think about this ?
Kyle Walker commented March 16, 2012 22:03
It could be set in the "Stop Rules" tab within the Synchronization Templates.
Cyrus commented March 15, 2012 07:03
how to set?