Suggestions for eBay Integration

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now, the main item image in the description template, only have 3 options: none, product base image, and custom attribute.

it is possible to add another option, that allow to customize the link?

for example: use one attribute and other expression to create the final linke. This will be so interesting, because can save images in a path, and use an attribute to change the path, and a custom value to select the final file.
Augusto shared this idea March 03, 2012
Schwarz commented April 23, 2012 08:04
I agree too.

We do also what watermark our images. And if its possible to generate a link with #sku# or #name# or any other attribute, it is possible to do that.

We have all our images in a extra...
Noelia commented March 04, 2012 14:03
We also need this. We have an external php script to watermark images simple call the php with image path and it return the image watermarked. We need can customize the image Similar to the option...
Richard commented March 03, 2012 18:03
I agree. Similar to the option 'Custom Title' in 'Item Title' that allow create a personalized expression including attributes, like '#name# anytext'
Cesar Hernandez commented March 03, 2012 14:03
This is great.