Suggestions for eBay Integration

36 votes
Being able to set the lowest price limit to accept 2nd chance bids, and automatically send the notification of 2nd chance offers while bids exceeds the lowest accepted price.
Mr BUREAU Nicolas shared this idea February 20, 2012
Anonymous commented April 11, 2015 01:04
Customers would be grateful.
Anonymous commented April 11, 2015 01:04
It would be great!
John Doe commented April 07, 2015 07:04
This feature would be great... its very important. don't know why not yet implemented..
Wesley Fitzgerald commented September 12, 2014 01:09
this is the biggest missing element of the ebay integration. hopefully they implement this soon. the ability to automate second chance offers. I am desperate for this feature this is a no brainer.
Wesley Fitzgerald commented April 23, 2014 03:04
I used to use channeladvisor and this was a key feature. wish I had it here too
Sean Peterson commented March 27, 2014 22:03
Yes, this feature can greatly increase sales when a listing has multiple bids over a reserve price. Please build in this feature.
GreatVacs commented December 31, 2012 00:12
We really need this feature.