Suggestions for eBay Integration

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So for all of us communicating with our ebay customers is critical. There is a great extension called Help Desk Ultimate by Ahead works that is awesome for CRM and answering emails from customers. The problem is that it is based on the fact that when a customer emails you that its based on a real email address from the customer who most likely used that same email address to place the order.

However with ebay emails its different. When we get an email from a ebay customer its not their real email address. M2E Pro 3.0 has the ability to search by user id and pull up their real email address and order number.

My idea is this. If M2E and Ahead Works could get together and integrate their data that would be awesome. The extension could then be used to easily answer all ebay emails and the data would automatically be pulled in from M2E and make that very simple. Just a thought.
GreatVacs shared this idea December 08, 2011
Sam Stones commented March 14, 2014 17:03
So what help desk software does anyone recommend using with m2e? Anything that auto links with Amazon and eBay orders would be great.

Anthony: Which other help desk software are you referring to?
Anthony Cicchelli commented September 09, 2013 14:09
You can use various help desk tools for Magento that have filters built in in order to go into the right channels, so there is other alternatives instead of waiting for this one.
Martina Lindener commented April 28, 2012 02:04
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