Suggestions for eBay Integration

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One thing that you do not have on eBay is automatic repricing. It would be a very powerful feature if you could achieve this. Basically, you can enter the lowest you would be willing to sell something and the extension should always make your product slightly cheaper than any competition up to this point.
Anonymous shared this idea December 02, 2011
Mark. commented January 25, 2015 02:01
How long this is going to take? It has been planned since past 3 years now! Any update would be appreciated.
Markus commented April 24, 2014 21:04
This would be awesome and make work a lot easier.

It must be the lowest price you wanna sell a product or take the lowest price on amazon. But if it's changed it should change the price automatic.

Thanks a lot
Andy commented February 21, 2014 23:02
Any ideas when this is going to be implemented? I see it's flying the "planned" flag now.
Josh Rizzo commented October 01, 2013 04:10
This was said in a comment, but it stands repeating. It's impractical to have to set a 'lowest price' within the UI, but consider using and extending the current "Price + VALUE or PERCENTAGE" that is part of the listing rules, and allow it to be more flexible, with the user able to choose which attribute to draw the base of the math from, and a multi-tiered calculation application thereafter.

Here is why- Each marketplace has different seller subscription levels that come with varying fee schedules. A low price on Amazon may not be the same as the low price on eBay. This is where marketplace pricing policies make things difficult, as Amazon does not want you listing items at lower prices on other marketplaces.

If a blanket IF/THEN rule can be applied that can take in to consideration the price across all active marketplaces, it could be executed as follows:

IF the calculated eBay low price is less than the Amazon low price, use Amazon price.
Anthony Cicchelli commented September 26, 2013 20:09
Bump...Any word on this update?
Anthony Cicchelli commented May 07, 2013 00:05
Any idea whens the Repricer for Ebay planned? Be willing to purchase this tool as long as it could reprice based on Top Rated Sellers.
corey commented January 04, 2013 02:01
any eta on when this is planned for?
Ocean Zhang commented January 24, 2012 16:01
this needs to have item level control as well as account level control. It's impractical to have to set a 'lowest price' within the UI. We can upload a special price attribute to each SKU in the database. Then the repricer will go as low as the attribute value for each SKU. Certain SKUs also need to be exempt from repricing based on another attribute value for that SKU.