Suggestions for eBay Integration

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The idea is add the ability to sell 2 items from the inventory, but in the some listing. This is similar to a Grouped or Bundled product, but with fixed item qty and also fixed price.

The grouped products and bundled products has their own description and price. This description and fixed price can be used to list the item in ebay. Now the extension can list configurable product, but this is really not a configurable product. It is only 2 diferents products sell toghether and can controll the inventory. When 1 of the both products go out of stock, then the combined listing end. Perhaps the only think to add is the fixed item qty built into grouped product and fixed price.

The extension now has the 'Ignore Variations – allows you to choose how to list Configurable, Bundle, Grouped and Simple Products with Custom Options on eBay: but also say If Configurable, Grouped, Bundle, Simple with Custom options products are listed as Simple products on eBay, the Synchronization processes will not work. That means, that Magento Orders will not be created, so the quantities of such products could not be automatically changed in Magento. Can this be solved perhaps fixing the items qty and item price? It will be so interesting, because some times, can sell 2 or more diferents products toghether at better price in 1 individual listing with own name and description.
Thanks for your great job. ;)
Cesar Hernandez shared this idea November 29, 2011
Michal Prochon commented August 19, 2016 08:08
We need it desperately. How come m2e pro is ignoring it???
Alex commented September 21, 2015 10:09
Another vote for this feature - we do this a lot and need this.
Anonymous commented November 14, 2014 18:11
I would also like to request that this feature be implemented. I believe Magento's Grouped products achieve exactly this (allow a simple product to be sold in a group using the "default Qty" field). We just need M2E to recognise this and deduct the default quantity from the simple product when the item is sold.

@Cesar, Yes you are correct Group products accoplish this but M2E does not deduct the "default Qty" number it always deducts 1 from the simple product it is associated with when it sells.
Anonymous commented May 19, 2013 16:05
Has anyone figured out how to do this? I would like to sell two individual inventory items as ONE product (or listing) and track inventory of individual items when sold. How could this be so difficult to do in Magento and so many people asking for it and not be available? I've searched google and tons of people want this in Magento. I already have eBay listings that are items sold as "lot price" and other listings that are two products sold together in one listing for a set price (different than if purchased individually). Now all I need to do is create corresponding Magento products but cannot figure out how to do that.

Anonymous commented May 07, 2012 01:05
I am interested in something simiar, except I am looking to list items in a lot.

I want to list a lot of 5 identical items in ONE listing and have it reflect back to my inventory as 5 sold. I want to continue to offer the items individually on my site. Please advise.
Ivan commented February 22, 2012 00:02
This is what I am looking for, I can list as Grouped product, but the M2E won't stop the listing in ebay when any of the associated products already sold out.
Cesar Hernandez commented February 14, 2012 11:02
Now e2m allow to list grouped products as single products on ebay. But, can't control the invenctory. If a customer buy a 'grouped' listing, e2m import but don't fullfill the order, because don't know the qty the customer has buy. This can be solved usind the default qty. When in mgto create e grouped product, at the moment to add simple products, there is a field that say: default qty. This field can be used to fullfill the order trhrow m2e.

Possible ?