Suggestions for eBay Integration

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10-20 days after shipping, if the customer has not leave a feedback, send an automatic email to customer to ask if he/she has received the item and if all is ok. This is important because if we don't do it, ebay will do for us, reminder to the customer to leave a vote, and if there is a problem, the customer don't contact us. Also, will be a great idea to include 2 reminders with perhaps diferents emails, one 10 days after shipping, and another 20 days after shipping. If the customer have not leave a feedback.
Cesar Hernandez shared this idea November 29, 2011
Tim commented April 10, 2014 18:04
This will save a lot of time.
Stefan Sheppard commented January 21, 2014 16:01
This would also be really needed for amazon
Cesar Hernandez commented January 15, 2012 23:01
Yes, that extension do it, but, unfortunnelly don't check if the customer has left a feedback. Also don't work with the items not in catalog in mgn.
GreatVacs commented December 08, 2011 16:12
great idea but another magento extension from ahead works already does this.

- Dustin